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Devloc platform

We have developed a platform for our clients - managers and owners - that enables them to manage their rental units more efficiently.


Intuitive and comprehensive, it combines a number of features to speed up the rental process.

Ease of use

It has been designed to be used by all our clients: individuals, property managers, real estate groups, brokers, etc.

Enhanced unit visibility

The platform has a public section that allows anyone looking for housing to view our available rental units.


Apartments are automatically uploaded to our public platform when a rental mandate is assigned to a member of our team.


A history of all activities on the platform by users and of all rented accommodations is integrated

Advanced statistics

The platform will store all important data in its history, which will eventually be used as advanced statistics to help define optimal rental parameters (price, inclusions, etc.).



It was a real pleasure doing business with Justin from Devloc Real Estate. Very attentive, patient and dedicated, he greatly facilitated the process of renting my apartment. I couldn't have asked for a better quality of service. Much appreciated and thanks again! I highly recommend this company.

Nancy - Owner

My company has been doing business with the Devloc team for several years. They are professional, responsible and committed to providing quality service to the future tenants they represent, as well as to landlords. Their in-depth understanding of Montreal's residential rental real estate market makes them an undeniable asset for property managers.

Manuel - Owner

I met the Devloc team by chance, but what a great chance! I am very satisfied with Devloc's services. Gary and Benjamin are always available and very friendly. Comments from tenants who have signed through Devloc have also been positive about the rental process, trust and professionalism shown by the team. Devloc is definitely a business partner to discover.

Carlos - Owner

I've been using Devloc to rent out our apartments for 2 years now and I've always received impeccable service from them. Support from start to finish and clear instructions for tenants. I've never had a problem with any of the people who've rented my properties since I've rented them through Devloc. They are efficient, have great interpersonal skills, know how to do thorough investigations and know how to present our units well. I recommend their service 100%.

Magali - Owner

The Devloc team is incredible. They choose the right candidates for our needs based on our criteria. Communication is super easy. I would recommend Devloc to anyone looking to rent an apartment.

Marc-André - Owner

Benjamin from Devloc Real Estate was a pleasure to deal with. He facilitated the leasing process for my unit in a way that answered all my questions. Easy to sign and easy to follow procedures!

Rafael - Tenant

A huge thank you to Justin and Benjamin! It's never easy to visit a property quickly and get the paperwork done in the same week, but with them, everything went like clockwork. Organized, friendly and professional! I recommend this duo 100%. I was lucky to get quick responses from them, as well as support throughout the process. Thanks again for everything, keep up the good work!

Ariane - Tenant

Stéphanie was extremely kind and reassuring. I would like to express my gratitude to Devloc immobilier. Thank you very much.

Christophe - Tenant

I loved my experience with Devloc Immobilier! It was in the context of renting my first apartment, and they were understanding, attentive and above all very quick in their response time! I recommend them.

Laurence - Tenant

I was served by Gary from Devloc. A mature young man, courteous, attentive, transparent and efficient. I highly recommend his expertise. A conclusive visit!

Mathieu - Tenant